Back to the Web, Back to School

This is life number 3 for Life in Lancaster. It started on MobileMe, which was iCloud before it was iCloud (but after it was iTools), the week that Karin and I found out we were expecting Ben. It ended just after he was born, and then was resurrected on Blogger a couple years after that. It then went on in a piecemeal fashion until three months before Olive was born and has languished ever since. All those entries are here; you can read them if you want. I have been.


I decided at the end of last year to back away from Facebook. It’s been good for me broadly, but I haven’t had a good way to share our lives since then. Here’s my solution. is back and better than ever, a full fledged website running on Squarespace. And Life in Lancaster has regenerated again, ready to do some Venusian Aikido. I’ll ty to keep it updated at least semi-regularly. And, after this one, I will try to avoid long discourses about the site itself (but I won’t try to avoid Doctor Who jokes). Besides this blog, the site features links to get in touch with us and a sampling of my latest uploads to Flickr, which is where I’ll be sharing photos from now on.

Far more momentous an occasion than the relaunch of this blog occurred this week. The kids started back to school on Monday. Ben is in fifth grade, and Olive is in Kindergarten! Just look at those photos. Olive is in the first one with Ben. She’s in that infant carrier. And as I type this she’s off at her third day of school. It’s hard to believe how much they’ve grown.

I’m handling it better than I thought I would. Although there was a moment on Monday… I was coming up the stairs, Olive was coming down. She was all dressed in her uniform, hair up in the French braid I had done for her, backpack on. It was more than I could bear. I paused a moment. “Oh, my heart,” I said, then we continued on our ways. A few minutes later I heard Olive talking to Karin.
”Daddy said, ‘Oh, my heart.’ I think that means his heart is breaking.”

No, my Tiny Love, it means my heart is full up, ready to burst.

First Day of School 2019 on Flickr